Group Therapy

I have been facilitating therapy groups of various types for 25 years. This has included teaching and training other practitioners. There are a variety of group< types, however Therapy Groups focus on the individual’s understanding of themselves in the context and interaction of other people. This safe group atmosphere aims to further self-awareness, challenge faulty perceptions and communication patterns, and promote change.

I offer an interactive style of therapy that encourages:

  • An interactive style between participants as well as between therapists and individuals
  • Challenges individual risk-taking ie. Speaking more, speaking less
  • Supports the individual yet illuminates the impact of the individual on other people
  • The group process (interaction) weaves between current issues and childhood issues, and between individual interaction and group interaction.
  • There is an emphasis on emotional awareness

Group therapy is a powerful and cost-effective method to enact awareness and change.

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